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Fabric Birds

If you do a lot of sewing, then you probably have a lot of scrap fabric in your stash. Sometimes it is not easy finding projects to make with the really small pieces. These birds are small (approximately 12 cm from tail to beak) and require just a minimal amount of fabric to make.



Fabric Birds Ornaments

For this project you will need:

- small amount of fabric
- yellow felt for the beak
- basic sewing supplies
- two 4 mm black wooden beads for the eye
- batting
- sewing machine
- needle and thread to close opening

Craft Pattern:

Bird Template

Bird Template






1. Print out the bird pattern to about 15 cm wide and transfer the markings onto your chosen fabric. Add a 0.75 mm (about 1/4 inch) seam allowance to the pattern. You will need two body pieces (one in reverse) and 4 wing pieces (2 in reverse). Cut out one beak piece out of the felt.

Fabric Bird Tutorial 1
2. Pin the two body pieces together. Insert the beak with the pointed end towards the inside of the fabric. Sew around the edge of the bird, leaving an opening at the top for turning. Then sew the wing pieces, also leaving an opening for turning.

Fabric Bird Tutorial 2
3. Clip around the bird and the wing pieces and then turn the bird. Stuff lightly.

Fabric Bird Tutorial 3
4. Sew the opening closed. Sew the wing to the body with a few stitches. Repeat for the second wing.

Fabric Bird Tutorial 4
5. Sew a bead to each side of the bird’s head.

Fabric Bird 2

Fabric Bird 1
You can of course create larger or smaller fabric birds by increasing or decreasing the size of the pattern.




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Fabric Birds Ornaments





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