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Plaster of Paris Decorations for Easter

Instead of using craft molds intended for plaster of Paris, silicone baking molds from the kitchen were chosen to create these Easter figures. The advantage of using a silicone mold is that the castings can be so easily removed once the plaster hardens and they are easily washed for future use in the kitchen. You can paint the castings then anyway you like but for this project, brown paint was used to create chocolate looking figures.



Plaster of Paris Easter Decorations 2

For this project you will need:

- silicone baking form with Easter shapes
Silicone or Flexible Easter Baking Form

- plaster of Paris powder
- water and mixing bowl
- measuring cups and spoons
- brown and white acrylic paint
- paint brush
- 8 millimeter dowel, at least 30 cm or 12 inches long
- hot glue gun
- ribbons in the colors of pink and brown


Plaster of Paris Easter Bunny and Eggs
1. Mix the plaster of Paris according to the instructions on the package and fill the silicone form with the mixture. Read here: Plaster of Paris Tutorial for an illustrated tutorial. These are now the dried figures used for this proejct.

Tutorial - Painting Plaster of Paris Bunny 1
2. Now you will paint the figures. The following examples will demonstrate the bunny.

Tutorial - Painting Plaster of Paris Bunny 2
3. Completely paint the bunny brown and set it aside to dry.

Tutorial - Plaster of Paris Bunny
4. The dried bunny really looks like a chocolate bunny.

Tutorial - Drybrushing Plaster of Paris Bunny
5. Now you can dip a paint brush into a little bit of white paint. Stroke the brush onto a piece of paper towel to remove practically all the paint again so that the brush is practically dry. Then use the paint brush to catch the raised and lower details on the figure, to accent or highlight them. If using the figures as decorations you can stop here.

Tutorial - Plaster of Paris Bunny Ribbons
6. You can glue a wooden dowel to the backside of the figure and add a ribbon bow to create plant sticks.

Plaster of Paris Easter Treats
These are the finished figures.

Plaster of Paris Easter Decorations

Plaster of Paris Easter Bunny Decoration
The bunny is placed in a vase along with some grass and Easter eggs as a decoration for the table.

Plaster of Paris Easter Bunny Plant Stick
The cute bunny can embellish a green plant for the spring season.




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