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Decoupaged Jar Vase Christmas Decoration

Create your own Christmas vases by using glass jars. This is an easy and frugal recycling project that is finished in one afternoon. The hardest part is waiting for the coats of paint to dry! Once filled with Christmas greens, these look festive on a shelf or on your window sill around the holidays.



Christmas Craft - Jar Recycling Craft 2

For this project you will need:

- clean glass jar
- artist gesso as primer
- white acrylic paint and an acrylic paint that has a color of the napkin (for the above motif we used blue)
- paper napkin with Christmas motif (here a cute robin was chosen)
- decoupage glue
- organza ribbon or ribbon of choice


1. Apply a coat of gesso first to the jar and let it dry. This helps that the paint adheres better to the glass.
2. Apply a coat of blue paint evenly over the dried gesso and let it dry.
3. Add a thick but even coat of cracking medium to the entire jar and let it dry.
4. Using the flat paint brush, apply one thick coat of white paint now on the jar. It is important not to go over or repaint your strokes again as this will ruin the cracking effect. As the paint is drying, you will notice the cracks appearing. This makes a wonderful antique effect on your jar.
5. Once the paint is dry you can apply the paper napkin. Cut the desired motif out and apply according to the instructions in the paper napkin applique tutorial link below.
Depending on size and type of motif you chose and whether you want to cover the entire jar or just the front of it, you may need just the one motif or more of it. When finished, let the jar dry.
6. Tie a ribbon around the top of the jar to and add decorations or greenery of choice.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Paper Napkin Applique

Paper Napkin Applique




Christmas Craft - Jar Recycling Craft
Another example of a jar created with a touch of gold...


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Christmas Craft - Jar Recycling Craft




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