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Decoupage Easter Candle with Chicks

You can use any motif you like to match your decor and the craft is finished within 15 minutes. Makes a nice gift as well. This is a pretty decoration for any room around Easter time.



Craft Idea for Easter - Decoupage Candle with Easter Chick Motif

For this project you will need:

- thick white candle (recommended are candles more than 70 mm or 28  inches thick)
- normal decoupagé glue or if available decoupagé glue for candles
- flat soft paint brush
- paper napkin or tissue with Easter motif of your choice

CAUTION: These are pretty and are more intended as decorative items than as candles to burn. You may burn  thick candles with the motif because the napkin never touches the flame but it is always wise to never leave a candle burning when unattended. Only use thicker candles for this project if you intend to burn the candle.  Be sure to let the glue dry before using the candles.


1. Tear your motif out of paper napkin/ tissue of choice. The torn edges give the motif a softer look than a hard cut edges.
2. Remove the bottom layers of the paper napkin/ tissue so that you will be only using the top layer.
3. Apply a small amount of glue on the candle with your brush. Position your paper napkin/ tissue on the glue and use your brush to smoothen the napkin/ tissue. Keep adding glue to the brush and continue “painting” the napkin/ tissue onto the candle until finished.
4. Let the glue dry.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Paper Napkin Applique

Paper Napkin Applique




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Craft Idea for Easter - Decoupage Candle with Easter Chick Motif





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