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Cute Christmas Elves Craft

With just a bit of paint and felt and a couple of other small details, these cheery little elves can be complete within an hour.



Craft Idea for Christmas - Christmas Elves

For this project you will need:

- unfinished wood doll body (about 7 cm high or 2.75 inches)
- clear varnish
- 12 cm or slightly larger felt circle in color of choice
- acrylic paint in color of choice
- one 6mm red wooden bead cut in half (nose)
- one 4mm white wooden bead cut in half (buttons)
- two 6mm natural colored wooden bead (hands)
- 7.5 cm length of chenille in color of choice
- white fringy yarn (hair)
- red and white checked ribbon
- small white pom-pom for hat
- black pen
- small details like felt star, small ribbon for hat, etc...


1. Paint the face with clear varnish and paint the body in an acrylic paint of choice and set aside to dry.
2. In the meantime, add the natural colored wooden beads to the chenille piece.
3. To make the girl’s hair, cut about 5 or 6 pieces of yarn. Hold the lengths together and tie off at the middle like in the picture below. Glue this onto the top of the head. For the boy, just cut a couple of short lengths of yarn and glue around the head.

4. Create the hat by cutting the felt circle into half and then half again so you have a quarter of the circle. Fold the straight edge over and form a cone and glue closed.
5. Now glue the hat onto the head of hair. Trim hair if necessary.
6. Tie a ribbon around the neck as a scarf. Glue the center of the chenille arms on the backside of the ribbon and bring hands towards the front.
7. Glue on the nose and draw the face details with a black pen.
8. To finish off, add buttons and other details such as a ribbon for the hat, the pom-pom and a star to hold in the hands.




Craft Idea for Christmas - Christmas Elf
You can create just these two or even a whole community of them by varying the details and colors.

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Craft Idea for Christmas - Christmas Elves




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