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3-D Paper Christmas Tree

This tree made out of printed cardstock or scrapbook paper is a quick and easy table decoration you can make in a few minutes. You may choose to use white cardstock as well to give the tree the appearance of a wintery snow covered tree for a winter village scene. After being sewn, the tree stands on its own. If you make a few of these with different sizes, a forest could be created to use as decoration. You may also insert a thread at the top of the trees and they then use them as Christmas tree ornaments.



Christmas Paper Craft - 3-D Paper Christmas Tree Decoration

For this project you will need:

- pattern for tree
- printed green or white cardboard
- sewing thread in matching color
- sewing needle (a sewing machine may be used instead)
- scissors

Craft Pattern:

Christmas Tree Template

Christmas Tree Pattern






1. Print out pattern and transfer the pattern 3 times onto appropriate colored cardboard and cut out. Follow the instructions below:

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If you do not have a sewing machine, you can still make these trees with hand sewing. Simply line up the three trees and use a paper clip to hold them together. Take a pencil and draw a light line down the center of the top tree from top to bottom. Then place the tree bundle on a soft mat and poke a hole with a needle at every 1/4 inch (about 7 millimeters). Then these can be sewn together using needle and thread and a simple running stitch.



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Christmas Paper Craft - 3-D Paper Christmas Tree Decoration



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