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Woven Paper Christmas Heart Ornaments

Almost every year in December we drive over the border to Denmark to see the small towns and their Christmas markets. There is a serenity in the air during the weeks before Christmas. Instead of lots of stress like we see here where we live here in Germany, the streets in the Danish towns seem calm and quiet, almost tranquil. The store windows and the homes are embellished in simple and natural decorations out of paper and the colors of red and white dominate them. There is no glitter to be seen. Every year I notice woven paper hearts hanging as decorations in the shops and remembered making these also some years ago. I decided to make some again to hang in the windows here.



Woven Paper Christmas Hearts 6
These hearts are like a mix of the Fröbel Stars (German Paper Stars) because of how they are made and look similar to and the Danish Woven Hearts. The folding technique is easy to learn. Just try it a couple of times and you will see how simple it is.

For this project you will need:

- two 1 x 30 centimeter strips of color “a” (both sides of the paper should be the same color/pattern)
- two 1 x 30 centimeter strips fo color “b” (both sides of the paper should be the same color/pattern)
- a ruler
- scissors

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Woven Hearts Tutorial

Follow the Woven Paper Hearts Christmas Ornaments Tutorial to learn how to make these.




Woven Paper Christmas Hearts Mobile 400
Click for Woven Paper Christmas Hearts Mobile Instructions

Woven Paper Christmas Hearts 1
Once you learn how to make them, you will not be able to stop.

Woven Paper Christmas Hearts 2
These are in the traditional Danish colors of red and white...

Woven Paper Christmas Hearts 3
but also look great in other colors and patterns.

To see more examples of these hearts, look on the creative Danish blog bellasbedrifter and see how she made her lovely woven hearts out of glittery paper instead of plain paper.

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