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Christmas Paper Crafts - German Paper Stars - “Froebel Sterne”

Around Christmas time in Germany, you see these stars everywhere. They are called “Fröbelsterne” and make lovely tree and window decorations, embellishments for garlands and wreaths and are also lovely package toppers. There are 2 versions of this star. One version is a 3 dimensional star which takes a little longer to make. Another version is the flat version. Only one side has the raised peaks and It can be used on packages or as card embellishments.



Froebel Star - German Christmas Star

For this project you will need:

- 4 paper or vellum strips measuring 1 x 50 cm (this gives you a star that is about 4 centimeters in size)


- 4 paper or vellum strips measuring 1.5 x 50 cm (this gives you a star that is about 6 centimeters in size)


- 4 paper or vellum strips measuring 2.5 x 90 cm (this gives you a star that is about 10.5 centimeters in size)

- scissors
- string for hanging

You may choose to make your star in just one color. White makes a beautiful color for these stars and the more there are on a tree, the more impressive the stars look. You may also choose to make 2 colored or even 4 different colored stars. You are not limited to the size of the star either. Just vary on the width and length of the paper strips.
German Crafts - German Paper Star - Froebel Stern

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

German Star Tutorial

1. Follow the step-by-step instructions for this star in the link below. A flat star uses steps 1-18 and a full star uses steps 1-23.
2. This star is made with the paper lengths mentioned in the following link:
German Star Tutorial

Mini German Paper Stars
These stars were made using a 5 mm wide red metallic curling ribbon. As you see, compared to the Euro coin, they are really small. They look great but are very frustrating to make. The curling ribbon is slick and does not “obey”. Meaning it won’t stay in place while you are following the steps and turns in all directions. It is only recommended for those with a LOT of patience. A tip is to use heavy items to hold the other sides down while you are working on a particular side. Othewise, the other lengths keep getting in the way.

Checked Red and White German Paper Star
This is another red and white star. It has a charming country look to it.

Silver German Froebel Star
A silver metallic star looks also fantastic!




Froebel Star - German Christmas Star
No matter which color you choose, the stars are very appealing.

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