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Wooden Seagull

A day at the beach just does not seem complete without the sound of the seagulls crying out with their typical calls and flying around looking for food.



Wooden Seagull

For this project you will need:

- 4 mm plywood for the wings
- 10 mm thick plywood for the body
- 18 mm thick plywood for the base
- acrylic paints in the colors of white, dark yellow, orange, grey, beige and black
- rope pieces, seashells, sisal fibers, etc... (to add to the base of the seagull)
- hot glue
- 2 wooden rod pieces 5 mm thick and approximately 8 cm long (the legs)
- 5 mm drill bit to drill the holes in the base for the legs
- wood glue

Craft Pattern:

Wooden Seagull Template

Wooden Seagull Template






1. Print your pattern out so that it totally fits your printer paper. Transfer the markings onto the wood and saw out. Saw out a base approximately 12 x 5 cm in size out of the 18 mm thick wood.
2. Paint the base and seagull body white, the beak yellow and the wings grey. Once dry, dry brush the base with beige paint, the body with grey paint, the beak with orange paint and drybrush the wings with black paint.
3. Drill a hole in the base of the legs (where the 2 “x” markings can be seen on the template). Add a drop of glue to these holes and insert the wooden rods to represent legs.
4. Place the legs onto the base and mark where they are positioned at and drill a hole in these markings. Add a drop of glue to these holes and insert the legs into the holes to dry.
5. Decorate the base by hot gluing nautical /maritime embellishments to it.

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