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Washi Tape Snowflakes

These are not only easy to make, but look really great when decorating the Christmas tree. Washi tape comes in so many colors and designs and it is fun for kids and even adults to create lots of snowflakes.



Washi Tape Snowflakes 1

For one snowflake you will need:

- 4 craft sticks
- washi tape in Christmas colors like red and white
- low temperature glue gun or strong craft glue if children are younger
- red gem or bead for the center
- drill with small bit (parents can help with this step)
- red string for hanging
- needle for pulling string through the hole


Washi Tape Snowflake Tutorial 1
1. Wrap each stick with the washi tape. If the washi tape is wide enough, adhere the ends to the backside of the stick. Otherwise, trim the excess tape off from the front.

Washi Tape Snowflake Tutorial 2
2. To assemble the snowflake, glue one stick perpendicular over a second stick. Repeat with the remaining two sticks. Set aside to dry for a while if using a craft glue. You may wish to use clothes pins to hold them together while drying.

3. Then glue one set over the second so that you have a snowflake shape. Set aside again to dry.
4. When the snowflake is dry, adhere a gem to the center of it. Let a parent or guardian drill a small hole in the top of one of the bottom spokes and then pull a string through to hang it.


Washi Tape Snowflakes 3

Washi Tape Snowflakes 2

Washi Tape Snowflakes 4

Washi Tape Snowflakes 5

Ages 10 and older - to prevent injuries, parents or supervisors should be present when children are using a glue gun. If your child is not capable of using a hot glue gun, a strong craft glue is recommended instead.

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Washi Tape Snowflakes




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