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Scandinavian Inspired Paper Village / Advent Calendar Craft Project

If you like to craft for Christmas and are looking for a fun project, then these Scandinavian houses are an idea for a table decoration as a village and/ or for an Advent calendar! The houses easy to create and make a great group project as well. These are simple for children to cut as well if they can use scissors well. But you should assist them with cutting the window sections out with the craft knife.



Scandinavian Inspired Paper Village

For each house you will need:

- 1 color of choice corrugated cardboard for crafting, about 25 x 30 cm in size
- black and white cardstock
- transparent paper or vellum to cover the insides of the windows
- scissors
- craft knife and cutting mat for cutting out windows
- stick glue
- a ruler
- a bone folder and soft mat for creasing

Additionally if making Advent calendars:
- stickers with the numbers 1-24 if creating an Advent calendar
- a star paper punch (optional)
- white cardstock
- 3-D Pads

Tip: You may of course use glue to stick the sides together. The tape helps that the house flaps are immediately secure. When using glue, the problem of holding the house together is a problem until the glue dries. Use paper clips or clothes pins to hold the paper together until it dries.

Craft Pattern:

Paper Scandinavian House Template

Scandinavian House Template





Journey to Oslo, Norway
Inspiration for the colors came from a trip over the Baltic Sea from Kiel, Germany to Oslo, Norway. There were seveal islands with colorful basic shaped houses. It was a cold morning in December and the houses really looked quaint and cozy.


1. Print out the template so that the 5 cm marking on the page is about 5 centimeters. The house will be then approximately 6 cm x 7 cm around and the shorter side walls are then 7 cm high. The size from the bottom to the top point is 13 cm in height. The template will be practically the largest size possible to fill the printer paper. When printed out this size, the roof piece will be cut out to a size of 9 x 16 centimeters. The template has a roof on it (marked in red) in case you decide to make the houses smaller. That way, the size of the roof will adjust to fit the size of the house, no matter what size you make it.
2. Because you will be cutting several houses out or even 24 houses for an Advent calendar, it is best to create a permanent template. Do this by pasting the template on a cereal box wall and then cutting it out. Then you will have a stable template that you can trace around.
3. Do not glue the roof onto the house. A tea light can be placed into the house or an Advent calendar gift, as well.

Here is an illustrated tutorial to assist you in making this project.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Paper House Tutorial

 Scandinavian Tea Light House Tutorial

Scandinavian Inspired Paper Advent Calendar
Make 24 of these and have a really cute advent calendar that you can re-use every year.

Advent Calendar - Paper Scandinavian Houses
Battery operated tea lights give a warm glow out of each window.

Paper Houses Advent Calendar
The roof can be taken off. Place a tea light in it if using the house for a village and place a gift in it if using as an Advent calendar.

Red Scandinavian Inspired Village
Typical coastal homes of Sweden are red.

Red Scandinavian Inspired Paper Houses
The red really stands out against the white surroundings.

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Scandinavian Inspired Paper Village



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