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Paper Tea Light Lantern House

If you like to craft for Christmas and are looking for something quick and easy to do, then this tea light house is an idea for a table decoration! The houses are fun and easy to create and make a great group project as well. You can craft these in all sorts of colors to match your Christmas decor.

Christmas Paper Craft - How to Make a Paper House Mini Table Lantern





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For this project you will need:

- a sheet of cardstock the size of typing paper in any color
- scissors
- transparent paper or vellum
- 2-sided self adhesive tape
- a ruler

Tip: You may of course use glue to stick the sides together. The tape helps that the house flaps are immediately secure. When using glue, the problem of holding the house together is a problem until the glue dries.

Craft Pattern:

Tea Candle House 100

Tea Light House Template


1. The easiest way to make these is to print the pattern directly out on the cardstock if the cardstock is a lighter color. The size is the size of a sheet of typing paper. This will make with 7cm x 7cm walls. Or you may choose to make a template of the house and trace around the template onto the cardstock.
2. Cut around all of the outside edges of the house. The side with these markings is the inside of the house.
3. Using a stylus or knitting needle and a ruler, follow the inside lines of the house between the walls and the bottom flaps to make a groove in the paper. This makes it easier to fold afterwards.
4. Using an exacto knife, cut the windows out.
5. Cut four 5 x 5 cm squares out of the transparent paper and use the double sided tape to stick them to cover the windows.
6. Fold the house together so that it has four sides. The transparent paper covering the windows is on the inside of the house. Apply thin strips of the double sided self adhesive tape underneath the grey shaded areas of the short bottom flaps so that they will stick on the inside of the house to the large bottom flap (olive green). Stick a strip of tape also to the side flap so that it can be stuck to the inside of the house to the first wall. No small flaps should be seen on the outside of the house.

Here are illustrated tutorials to assist you in making this project.

Illustrated Card Craft Tutorials:

Craft Tutorial - Valentine Tea Light House 75

This house is made like this Valentine’s Day Tea Light House Tutorial.

Craft Tutorial - Easter Bunny Tea Light House

If you own a die cutting machine, you can also make this project using this Easter Bunny Tea Light House Tutorial.




Christmas Paper Craft - How to Make a Paper House Mini Table Lantern
These are simple for children to make as well but if younger children are helping, you should assist them with cutting the windows out if using the exacto knife.






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