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Sunflower Tag

Tags are not only for decorating gifts anymore. Tags have become works of art in themselves. They can be used to embellish cards and scrapbook pages, for example.



Tag Craft - All Occasion Gift Tag with Sunflower 2

For this project you will need:

- tag template or use pattern below
- yellow cardstock
- white cardstock (if using a paper napkin motif)
- yellow fiber paper
- sunflower motif (can be found on paper napkin or specialty motif papers)
- fusible web if using a paper napkin motif
- artist chalk in the color of dark gold
- hole puncher
- dark yellow fuzzy ribbon
- 3-D foam tape
- stick glue
- scissors
- orange paper clip to embellish

Tip: If you do not have some of the supplies mentioned or if they are not available in your area, be creative and find alternatives that would also work well. This tag is an idea to inspire you. Your creativivity has no limit when it comes to making these small works of art.

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1. Print out a tag pattern below to create a tag out of yellow cardstock.
2. Tear a piece of yellow fiber paper and glue it asymmetrically onto the tag shape.
3. Follow the instructions below if using a paper napkin motif. Otherwise, glue a paper sunflower motif onto white cardstock and cut the motif exactly out. Glue it then onto the tag over the fiber paper.
4. If you have a paper ribbler, corrugate your yellow cardstock and then cut it into a 2 cm strip for the bottom of the card and a 1/4 cm strip for the top. Chalk the edges and then adhere onto the tag.
5. Punch a hole through the top center of the tag and secure the hole with an eyelet.
6. Punch a hole at the top of the tag and then tie a piece of fuzzy ribbon to the hole.
7. Fix the orange paper clip at the bottom of the left hand side of the tag.

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Tag Craft - All Occasion Gift Tag with Sunflower
To decorate the tags, use different elements such as fancy scrapbook papers, paper napkin designs, brads and eyelets, ribbons, etc. There are no rules on how creative your design can be.





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Tag Craft - All Occasion Gift Tag with Sunflower





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