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Dazzling Christmas Tree

Keep kids busy for a while with this holiday craft. It is perfect for those icy December afternoons when the weather forces children to stay indoors. This project is really fun and makes a lovely Christmas present for a special person such as a grandmother or aunt. The time required to complete this tree size is about 2 hours. Larger cones can also be created and more time will be needed to finish them.



Christmas Craft for Kids - Christmas Tree with Sequins

For this project you will need:

- 6 cm high styrofoam cone
- green sequins
- short straight pins
- hologram silver sequin stars

Ages 10 and older


Work on this project in rows starting at the bottom and working up to the top. Make sure to always use the same side of the sequins (the deep side).

1. Insert a pin in a sequin and press to the bottom of the cone.
2. Insert the next pin and press slightly overlapping over the first pin.
3. Continue adding sequins in this manner to the bottom row until completly covered.
4. Start at the next row and again add sequins in the same manner and slightly overlapping the previous row.
5. When the cone is finished, add sequin stars randomly to the tree for extra decoration.




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Christmas Craft for Kids - Christmas Tree with Sequins




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