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Flower Pot Chick

This is a whimsical decoration for Easter to add a touch of color to your green plants. The chenille legs bend easily to fit the pot and to hold the chick in place.



Paper Craft for Easter - Standing Paper Chick

For this project you will need:

- sturdy white cardstock or cardboard
- yellow corrugated cardstock
- soft yellow marabu feathers
- 1 x 15 inch chenille in yellow
- thick designer tacky glue
- black marker or hole puncher
- scissors

Children 9 and up can also make this project. Younger children may need parental assistance.

Craft Pattern:

Egg-Chick pattern 100

Egg Chick Template






1. Print out the patterns and transfer the egg shaped pattern twice on the cardstock and cut out. You may choose to cut out 2 wings out of the wing shaped pattern or use feathers for wings.
2. Transfer the beak pattern once onto the yellow cardstock and cut out.

Chenille Chick Foot Tutorial 1
3. Fold the chenille in half and form a foot on each end. The images shows how to fold the chenille into a foot form. Create a “m” shape and twist the end then around the “ankle”. This will secure the foot. Do the same on the other side as well.

Chenille Chick Foot Tutorial 2

Chenille Chick Foot Tutorial 3

4. Lay one egg flat on the table and spread an even coat of thick tacky glue on it. Lay feathers at the top and feathers on each side of the egg. Place the folded end of the legs at the bottom.
5. Spread an even coat of glue onto the other egg and lay the glued side down onto the other egg. Press the pieces together and use clothes-pins to hold them together until they are dry.
Chenille Chick Foot Tutorial 5

6. Glue the beak on the chick and dot 2 eyes over the beak or punch out 2 circles out of black paper and glue on.
7. Place the chick on the edge of the pot and bend the legs so that they hold him in place.




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