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Santa Plant Poke

This Santa Claus can be used to decorate your plants or as a package topper for a Christmas present. This project is recommended for children grades 5 or above because of the difficulty level. The project takes about 1-2 hours  to complete. If you do not have all of the recommended supplies, be creative. Look around your house! Many things can be replaced with other items in your craft supplies box or within your home.



Christmas Craft Idea for Kids - Santa Claus Plant Poke or Plant Stick

For this project you will need:

- jute ribbon 7x26 cm
- red felt circle measuring 9 cm in diameter
- wooden ball with hole measuring 30 mm
- stick dowel 6 mm x 22 cm
- red chenille measuring 14 cm
- very small clay pot for hat
- small pompom for hat topper
- 2 gold sequins or small buttons
- red acrylic paint
- paint brush
- craft glue
- hot glue gun with glue sticks
- red raffia
- curly chenille or wool
- 6 mm red bead for nose
- permanent marker
- white acrylic paint
- toothpick
- 2 x 8mm natural colored wooden beads for the hands
- wood glue

Ages 10 and older


1. Paint the clay pot red and set aside to dry.
2. Using the wood glue, glue the large wooden ball to the top of the stick dowel and let dry.
3. Bend the jute ribbon in half and cut a small hole in the center and insert the stick through this center and push to the top of the stick where the head is.
4. Cut a small hole in the center of the felt circle and push also to the top of the stick.
5. Wrap the red chenille piece once around the stick tightly and push up to the felt piece. Use a drop of tacky glue to secure.
6. Gather the center of the jute ribbon and tie off with raffia bow as seen in the picture.
7. Using wood glue, glue the 2 small wooden beads to the ends of the chenille for hands.
8. Using a drop of tacky glue, glue the sequins on the front of the Santa robe.
9. Using hot glue (be careful!), glue the bumpy chenille or wool to the front of the Santa face to look like a beard.
10. Using hot glue (again be careful!), glue the small clay pot on the top of the head and glue the pompom onto the pot. Glue the red bead on the face for his nose.
11. Using the permanent marker, draw small circles on his face for the eyes. Dot white acrylic paint on the side of each eye using a toothpick. Let dry.




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Christmas Craft Idea for Kids - Santa Claus Plant Poke or Plant Stick




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