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Glitter Ribbon Wreath

With just a metal ring, glittery transparent ribbon and a few wood beads, you can create a gorgeous wreath that will last for many Christmasses to come. The ribbon with its touch of glitter gives the wreath a feeling of elegance without looking so heavy.



Glitter Ribbon Christmas Wreath

For this project you will need:

- 12 cm metal ring (or a 4 1/2 to 5 inch ring)
- at least 2 1/2 meters (around 7 1/2 yards) transparent ribbon with glitter effect (ribbon should be at least 9 cm wide or 3 1/2
- 12 red wooden beads (8-10 mm big)
- thin green florist wire
- scissors


Ribbon Detail 
1. Above is the ribbon used. Cut it into 2 cm strips. Now place the first ribbon strip underneath the ring. Pull up the two ends and tie the ends just once onto the ring. The knot is located on the ring and the ends stand out. Add the next ribbon strips in the same manner and fluff up the ends as you go along. As you continue, push the knots together on the wreath. Because of the way the wreath is made, you will not see the knots. Continue adding ribbon until the entire wreath is covered.

Beads Detail
2. Add 4 groups of 3 beads on the wire and then connect the wire to the wreath so that the beads are on top. Above is a picture of how the wire should look like.

3. Use a green satin ribbon to hang the wreath.

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Glitter Ribbon Christmas Wreath




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