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Cute Pom-Pom Spider

Who could be scared of this spider? This cute spider is not scary at all and is just made with black yarn, black chenille stems and a couple of wiggly eyes. It can be used to decorate a Halloween buffet table or even as a play pal for the kids.



Pom-Pom Spider

Supplies Needed:

1 skein of black fringe or fuzzy yarn
- 2 x 50 cm black chenille stems
- 1 pair of wiggly eyes
- hot glue
- cardboard such as a cereal box
- scissors
- circle templates


1. First you need to create 2 large and 2 small cardboard rings using your cereal box and circle templates.Make the body first. The larger the outer circle, the larger the spider. The inner circle should be about 1 inch in size. Cut these rings out and place together.

Tutorial Spider 1
2. Now cut about 5 or 6 one yard lengths of the yarn. Follow the instructions in the “Pom-Pom Tutorial” in the link below
to make the pom-pom. When finished, it should look like the picture below. For the pictures normal black yarn was used so the tutorial could be followed easier.

Tutorial Spider 2
3. Now cut the 2 chenille stems in half so that you have 4 pieces. Insert these pieces through the middle ring.

Tutorial Spider 3
4. Now you will cut between the 2 cardboard rings, all away around. Once you have done that, insert a long piece of yarn between the two rings and tie a knot tightly at the middle of the center ring.

Tutorial Spider 4
5. Cut the 2 cardboard pieces away and fluff the pom-pom. Leave the 2 long tying ends hanging for the moment.
6. Now create a head pom-pom using smaller cardboard rings. Now take the two tying ends and tie them together with the two tying ends of the body.
7. Cut away these four long ties to the same length of the body yarn. Trim around the head and body if there are any uneven lengths of yarn. Now you can glue the wiggly eyes on the spider.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

How to Make Pom Poms

Pom-Pom Tutorial




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Pom-Pom Spider

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