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Paper Tube Santa Claus

Save a toilet paper roll and add just a few embellishments to create this cute Santa Claus. This project is easy for kids older than 7 (supervision is needed when using the hot glue gun) and is also a lot of fun to make as a group project in school for the holidays. 24 of these Santas would make a cute advent calendar! Just hide the surprise inside and close off the bottom with a cardstock circle.



Christmas Paper Craft - Paper Roll Santa - Recycling Craft

For this project you will need:

- 1 toilet paper roll
- red crepe paper
- red and beige construction paper
- set of 6 or 8 mm wiggle eyes
- 8 mm red half bead for the nose
- 30 cm or 12” piece of white chenille
- cotton batting for beard
- stick glue
- tacky glue or other strong glue
- red cording or red embroidery floss (to tie off the hat)


1. First cut a wide strip of beige construction paper and adhere to the top half of the toilet paper roll.
2. Take a wide strip of red crepe paper and adhere it around the top third of the toilet paper roll. Let some of the crepe paper hang upwards and tie it then off with red cording, yarn or embroidery floss..
3. Adhere a wide strip of red construction paper (or crepe paper) around the bottom half of the roll. Construction paper has the advantage that it is more durable and does not bleed when glue is added on it.
4. Glue a piece of chenille around the bottom of the hat where it meets the face. Let the chenille ends meet on the backside and then cut the excess chenille away.
5. Glue a piece of chenille down the front center of the red paper (coat).
6. Use the tacky glue and glue on the wiggle eyes and nose.
7. Glue on the beard and also hair on the side of the head under the hat rim.

Recommended age group: 7 and above

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Christmas Paper Craft - Paper Roll Santa - Recycling Craft



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