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Easter Bunny Paper Table Decoration

This Easter Bunny stands on his own and makes a cute and easy to craft decoration. Kids can also create him to decorate the table on Easter morning. Instead gluing a heart to the center, create name tags with the names of each family or guest member.



Paper Craft for Easter - Paper Bunny Decoration

For this project you will need:

- white cardstock
- color cardstock of choice (for heart)
- jumbo paper punch with heart motif or motif of choice
- pink half pearl
- 2 black seed beads
- artist chalks (optional)
- fine permanent marker
- needle and scrap piece of fun foam
- transparent jewel glue or strong craft glue
- scissors
- craft glue or stick glue to glue heart on

Ages 8 and older

Easter Bunny Pattern for Kids

Easter Bunny Template






1. Print out the pattern so that the height of the bunny measures around 17 cm (6.8 inches). Cut a centemeter or almost 1/2 inch from the across the bottom of the bunny so it stands flat.
2. Transfer the pattern onto white cardstock and cut out.
3. Punch out a heart motif.
4. Take the needle and lay the bunny and heart on the fun foam piece. Punch holes along the side of the bunny and heart. The distance to the outer edge and between the holes should be approximately around 5mm or 1/4 inch. It does not have to be perfect.
5. Glue on the nose and eyes to the face. Blush the cheeks with chalks if preferred. Draw the mouth features with the fine marker.
6. Cut 2 slits at the bottom of the bunny about 2.5 cm (1 inch) apart and about 1.5 cm (about 3/5 inches) high.
7. Cut a strip of paper about 1.5 cm high (about 3/5 inches) and 7 cm long (about 2.8 inches). Form the paper into a “U” and insert it into the slits to help the bunny stand.
8. Glue on the heart.




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Paper Craft for Easter - Paper Bunny Decoration





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