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Paper Angel Ornament

This angel is having a bad hair day but isn’t she adorable? She is very small in size and finished within minutes. Use her to decorate the tree or even as a final touch to a white or silver wrapped Christmas gift. The project is easy and fun also for kids to make so get them involved!



Paper Angel

For this project you will need:

- 2 white rectangles measuring 8.5 x 6.5 cm
- 1 x 1.5 cm white paper ball or styrofoam ball for the head
- silver colored angel’s hair (alternative: white colored angel’s hair)
- black and red marker
- red pencil
- craft glue or hot glue (supervise kids when using hot glue)
- transparent thread
Material for Paper Angel 150
Supplies needed for angel


1.Take the first rectangle and pleat fold it longways. The pleats should be 1 cm in size.
2. Take the second rectangle and pleat fold it shortways. The pleats should also be 1 cm in size.

Paper Angel - Poking holes 150
3. Take the first rectangle and fold in half. Poke 2 holes through center as seen in the picture below.

Paper Angel - Attaching Head on to Body 150
4. Insert the 2 thread ends in the hole and then through the head. Form a knot in the ends for hanging afterwards.
5. Now glue the “dress” second rectangle underneath and in the center of the first rectangle.
6. Dot eyes and a mouth on the angel. Use the red pencil to blush the cheeks.
7. Glue the angel’s hair on her head.




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Paper Angel



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