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“Stained Glass” Paper Snowflake Window Decorations

These snowflakes look gorgeous when hanging in the window. When the sun shines, the colors of the paper almost seem to glow. You can create these as colorful as you like or even have the cut out areas just one color. You can also make the outer snowflake another color, such as white if you like. Print out the template to the full size of the printer paper so you will have the largest size possible or you can make smaller versions of this snowflake, too.



Stained Glass Paper Snowflakes

For this project the following supplies were used:

- 2 sheets of black construction paper
- red, light green, dark green and white translucent paper
- a craft knife
- scissors
- paper clips
- glue

Craft Templates:

Stained Glass Snowflake Template 1

Paper Snowflake Template 1

Stained Glass Snowflake Template 2

Paper Snowflake Template 2





Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Stained Glass Snowflakes Tutorial 75

Stained Glass Paper Snowflakes Tutorial


Stained Glass Paper Snowflake Decoration

Stained Glass Paper Snowflake Craft
Even when the days are dark and dreary, these decorations will add pretty color to the windows.

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Stained Glass Paper Snowflakes




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