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Upcycled Christmas Card and Ribbon Roll Ornaments

This craft is not only a pretty way to upcycle used Christmas cards, but also a way to upcycle cardboard ribbon rolls that are left over from wrapping packages. Tinsel garland was added to give the ornaments an extra sparkly effect and at the same time to hide the middle section of the roll. You can add more sparkle if you like by using dimensional paint and glitter on the images.



Upcycled Christmas Card and Tinsel Ornaments

For this project the following supplies were used:

Previous Christmas Cards
- old Christmas cards from past years

Cardboard Ribbon Rolls
- empty cardboard ribbon rolls

Silver Tinsel
- tinsel in a color of your choice
- hot glue gun
- craft glue of choice
- scissors
- baker’s twine

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Tutorial - Upcylced Card Ornament 1
1. Use the cardboard ribbon roll to trace a circle over the chosen motif on the card.

Tutorial - Upcylced Card Ornament 2
2. Then cut out the motif.

Tutorial - Upcylced Card Ornament 3
3. These are the motifs that were used for these ornaments.

Tutorial - Upcylced Card Ornament 4
4. Glue the motifs onto the ribbon rolls.

Creating Baker's Twine Hangers
4. Create hangers with the baker’s twine.

Tutorial - Upcylced Card Ornament 5
5. Use the hot glue and glue the knot to the ribbon roll. The best place is behind the motif you chose. Then cut a piece of tinsel that is the circumference of the roll and hot glue it onto the roll.




Upcycled Christmas Card Ornament - Snowman
Used Christmas cards get a new use with this craft.

Upcycled Christmas Card Ornament - Church

Upcycled Christmas Card Ornament - Barn

Upcycled Christmas Card and Tinsel Ornaments - Small

Upcycled Christmas Card and Tinsel Ornaments - Largel

Look here for more ideas on how you can upcycle Christmas cards >>> Recycling Christmas Cards


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Upcycled Christmas Card and Tinsel Ornaments




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