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Christmas Lights Garland

Winter is the darkest time of the year but there are so many ways to bring light into the season and into your homes. These lights look festive and decorative and are so easy to create! By simply buying an inexpensive light strand and cutting out your own lampshades, you can create beautiful lights to hang in the windows or decorate the shelves of your home. The hardest part about making these decorations is deciding which vellum paper to choose from. This particular design is silver ornaments on white.



Basic Christmas Craft Ideas - Christmas Lights Garland

For this project you will need:

- a roll of vellum paper or 3 sheets measuring 24 x 34 cm
- a 10er strand of Christmas lights (if possible with a white cable instead of green)
- decorative edged scissors
- hole puncher
- 20 brass fasteners
- a pencil

Craft Pattern:

Lampshade Template

Lampshade Template






1. Print out and trace the pattern onto the vellum 10 times and cut out the straight edge with normal scissors and the rounded edge with the decorative edged scissors.
2. Punch the designated holes out.
3. Wrap each bulb with one of the shades making sure the correct side is on the outside, making sure to overlap the one side over the other and that the holes are aligned.
4. Fasten each shade with 2 brass fasteners.




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Basic Christmas Craft Ideas - Christmas Lights Garland




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