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Woven Paper Christmas Hearts Mobile

Once you have learned to make these Woven Paper Hearts, you will want to find ways to use them to decorate the home at Christmas. They look great on the tree and also embellishing a wreath and this project shows them being used as a mobile to hang in the window during the weeks before Christmas and they add a country charm to it.



Woven Paper Christmas Hearts Mobile
These hearts are like a mix of the Fröbel Stars (German Paper Stars) because of how they are made and look similar to and the Danish Woven Hearts.

For this project you will need:

- two 1 x 30 centimeter strips of color “a” (both sides of the paper should be the same color/pattern)
- two 1 x 30 centimeter strips fo color “b” (both sides of the paper should be the same color/pattern)
- a ruler
- scissors
- two 8 millimeter red wooden beads
- red thread for hanging and sewing needle

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Woven Hearts Tutorial

1. Follow the Woven Paper Hearts Christmas Ornaments Tutorial to learn how to make these. You will need 3 hearts or more if you wish the mobile to be longer.

2. You will be threading 3 hearts and two beads onto the thread. Start with the bottom heart and make a small hole through the top middle of the heart. Knot the thread to secure the heart and then insert it through the first bead from underneath, come out of the top of the bead and insert it again from underneath. This will secure the bead in place. Now make a small hole at the bottom of the next heart and knot the thread. Clip the thread ends.
3. Repeat step 2 for the next bead and heart and start with the top of the second heart this time.



Woven Paper Christmas Hearts
Woven Paper Christmas Heart Ornaments




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Woven Paper Christmas Hearts Mobile



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