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Fun Foam Tiger Pouch

Isnít the tiger cute? Fun foam is such a great material for kids to work with. Kids can cut and glue the pieces but may require the parents to sew the front and back together. They can wear the pouch around their necks to carry their treasure for them.



Chinese New Year 2010 Craft - Fun Foam Tiger Pouch

For this project you will need:

- 1 sheet of orange, white and brown fun foam
- embroidery floss in a matching orange color
- glue for fun foam
- needle
- scissors
- pencil
- permanent black marker

Ages 6 and older

Craft Pattern:

Tiger Pouch Template

Fun Foam Tiger Template






1. Print out the tiger template and trace around each marking with a pencil. Turn the paper around and you should be able to see the markings through the paper. Now place the paper over the appropriately colored sheets of fun foam and retrace the markings you see onto the foam. Cut out the pieces. You will need to cut an additional head shape out of brown fun foam for the back side of the pouch.
2. Glue the eye whites and the snout onto the tiger. Now glue on the eye balls and the nose. Glue on the stripes to the sides of the face and at the top between the eyes. Now glue on the insides of the ears.
3. Place the front face onto the back brown head shape. Use a needle to poke holes through both layers around the the face between the ears. Cut a long length of embroidery floss. Thread the needle with the floss use the blanket stitch to stitch around the area under the ears. Leave the beginning thread end unknotted. When finished with the stitching, knot the other end with the first end to create a loop so that the kids can hang the pouch around their neck.
4. Draw the mouth on the snout using the marker.

Chinese New Year Craft - The Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year 2010 Craft - Fun Foam Tiger Pouch 2
The pouch can hold small items such as a red envelope for Chinese New Year.




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Chinese New Year 2010 Craft - Fun Foam Tiger Pouch





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