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Felt Daisy Plant Poke

This is a fun rainy day project for kids. Because the felt is so stiff and the shape of the flower simple, it is also easy for smaller hands to cut out.



Felt Craft for Easter - Felt Daisy Plant Poke

For this project you will need:

- stiff white, yellow and light green felt
- thick tacky glue or hot glue gun (see information below)
- wooden shishkabob skewer
- pattern below
- scissors
- felt tip pens in the colors of yellow and green

If using tacky glue, it will take longer for the glued parts to dry. Using a hot glue gun is faster when working on this project but parental supervision is advised when children are using a hot glue gun.

Craft Pattern:

Felt Flower Pattern

Felt Flower


Felt Craft for Easter - Felt Daisy Plant Poke Tutorial 1
1. Print out the pattern page so that the flower measures about 10 cm or 4 inches wide. Glue the sheet onto a thin piece of cardboard such as a cereal box and cut out your flower, center and leaf. This will make a sturdy template that is easy to transfer onto the felt and can be used over and over again. Then trace the templates on the appropriate colors of felt and cut out.

Felt Craft for Easter - Felt Daisy Plant Poke Tutorial 2
2. Use the felt tip pens to draw just inside the edge of each shape. Use yellow for the flower and the flower center and green for the flower petals. After drawing the lines, press the pieces onto paper to absorb excess color so it won’t smear.

Felt Craft for Easter - Felt Daisy Plant Poke Tutorial 3
3. Now glue the flower center piece onto the flower and let it dry thoroughly.

Felt Craft for Easter - Felt Daisy Plant Poke Tutorial 4
4. Glue the flower and the petals onto the stick and let them dry. Make sure to leave enough stick at the bottom to insert into a plant.




Felt Craft for Easter - Felt Daisy Plant Poke 2
Kids can also make this project as a mother’s day gift and place the flowers solo in a pot of sand to hold them in place. Afterwards, they add a lot of color to the window sill.

Ages 6 and older






Felt Craft for Easter - Felt Daisy Plant Poke

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