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Corrugated Cardboard Easter Ornaments

Paper napkins decorate corrugated cardboard egg shapes to make these cute Easter ornaments.



Corrugated Cardboard Easter Ornaments

For this project you will need:

- white corrugated cardboard
- paper napkins with Easter motifs
- paper napkin glue and flat and soft paint brush
- hot glue gun
- satin ribbon for hanging and for the bow

Craft Pattern:

Easter Egg Template

Easter Egg Template






1. Cut two egg shapes out of white corrugated cardboard. One egg should have the corrugation lines in a vertical direction and the second egg horizontal.
2. Remove all but the top layer of the paper napkin.
3. Starting at the center of the egg with the vertical lines, add glue to the paint brush and carefully brush the paper napkin onto the egg. Make sure to catch the grooves of the corrugation. Work from out from the center to all directions until the entire egg shape is covered. Leave any excess paper hanging until it is dry. If you try to cut it away while the glue is wet, it may tear your motive.
4. Let the glue dry. Trim around the egg to remove excess paper napkin.
5. Poke a hole in the top center of the egg. Add a ribbon loop to it to hang it. Create a bow using the ribbon and hot glue it to the front top of the egg.

Corrugated Cardboard Easter Ornaments 2

Corrugated Cardboard Easter Ornaments 3
This project is easy enough for school aged children to make as well.




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