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Glittery Decopatch Christmas Baubles

Decopatch crafts are popular in Europe. It is just like decoupage. A great variety of designs and colors of papers can be bought and the glue especially created for this technique glues and seals the papers and has a lovely finish. You can cover almost everything with these papers. The Decopatch papers are so thin, yet durable even when wet. The colors are brilliant and do not fade. They form or mold wonderfully around curves and you hardly have any wrinkles in your work, either. These baubles were created using styrofoam balls and a cheerful looking Decopatch paper for Christmas and the kids can help with this craft, too.



Decopatch Christmas Baubles 2

For this project you will need:

- 35 millimeter styrofoam balls
- Decopatch paper Nr. 587 or other thin decoupage paper of choice
Decopatch Papier Nr. 587

- Decopatch glue in the green bottle (has a satin finish) or decoupage glue of choice
- flat and soft paint brush
- iridescent glitter
- wooden shish kabob skewer
- plastic hanging hooks for styrofoam balls (if available in your area)
- craft glue
- white satin ribbon, 4-6 mm wide

Instructions for one bauble:

1. Tear many small pieces of the decopatch paper. The pieces do not have to be perfect at all.
2. Stick one styrofoam ball on the skewer. This will help you hold the bauble while applying the glue and paper.
3. Apply glue to your ball and start adhering the paper to the glue. Always apply glue over the added paper as well. Continue adding more paper and glue until your ball is completely covered.
4. Cover the ball completely with a thin coat of glue if it has started drying. Now sprinkle iridescent glitter onto the wet glue and tap off the excess glue.
5. Let the bauble dry. Once dry, remove the stick and add a drop of craft glue to the hole. Now insert the hook into the hole and let it dry. Add a hanging ribbon to complete. 




Decopatch Christmas Baubles 1
These ornaments have a romantic look to them.


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