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The Crochet Afghan of Many Colors - A Crochet Project to Use Up Tons of Yarn in Your Stash

This easy and colorful afghan is just what you need as a crochet project on a cold winter evening. It not only uses up lots of scrap skeins of yarn, but keeps you warm at the same time while you are crocheting it. The larger it gets, the more it covers you up while you are working on it. This project is a no brainer because it uses a simple double crochet stitch all the way through. It is the kind of project to work on when you are binge watching your favorite series on TV. The finished size of this particular afghan before the addition of the tassles measures 130 cm x 180 cm (about 47 x 71 inches long), but you can make yours as large or small as you please, according to the amount of yarn you have. If you want to include tassles, they will add on an extra 20 centimeters to the length.



Colorful Crochet Afghan

For this project you will need:

Yarn Stash


This yarn stash will start to diminish quickly when you crochet this afghan.


- lots of yarn from your stash - for this project the yarn weights varied from fingering or sock yarn to medium yarns
- a 12 mm crochet needle

The size of your afghan should be your personal preference and there are no set rules how wide or how long you should make it. That means you can adjust your the width and length of the afghan to be the size you need or want.

Gauge for this particular afghan: 8 stiches and 8 rows = approximately 10 centimeters or 4 inches (this will vary a little throughout the whole crochet process as you will be changing the yarns regularily. But in the long run, it all looks even.


Tips About This Scrapbusting Technique:

The afghan was always crocheted with 3 yarns simultaneously. What looks really great is when at least one of the yarns is a variegated yarn. The changing of the color of the variegated yarn will add more interest to all of the rows.

This afghan was crocheted with always at least 1 variegated yarn plus 2 solid colors or 1 solid color plus 2 variegated yarn colors.

Try to keep the yarn weights even so that the width and gauge of the afghan will be consistent. That means do not crochet with 3 very thin yarns or 3 much thicker yarns simultaneously. This afghan was often crocheted with 2 thinner yarns plus 1 thicker yarn, 3 middle weight yarns or 1 thicker yarn plus 1 middle weight yarn plus 1 thinner yarn.

Scrapbusting Crochet Afghan
How this afghan was made:

Chain approximately 150 with three yarns simultaneously and double crochet in the second chain from the hook. Double crochet until the end of the row. You have now 149 double crochet stitches. Turn, chain 3 continue in the same manner as the first row until the end of the row. Continue like this throughout the whole afghan.

Crochet a few rows with the three yarns and then change out one of the yarns for a new color or wait until one of the yarns runs out. This is a good way to work in those yarns where only a small amount is remaining. Continue in this manner throughout the whole afghan. When finished, finish the last row with a double crochet row, cut the yarn and then pull it through the loop on the needle to knot it.

Because you changed the yarns out several times, there are now quite a few yarn ends that need to be sewn into the afghan to secure them so that the afghan will not come apart. That step is not so fun, but necessary.

Add fringe if you like. Fringe for this afghan was crocheted and the instructions are below. Or you can use the typrical fringe technique, as well.




To create the fringe (optional if you like it):

Crochet Scraf Tassles Tutorial 1
1. Insert your needle into the bottom corner of one end of the afghan. Create a loop using three yarns of choice. Slip stitch the loop to the afghan end. Chain 15.

Crochet Scraf Tassles Tutorial 2
2. Slip stitch into the first chain from the hook. You do this by inserting the hook into the chain and then wrap the yarn from the back to the front of the hook and pull it through the 2 stitches with the hook. Continue this for the remaining 14 stitches of the chain.

Crochet Scraf Tassles Tutorial 3
3. Then insert the hook into the next stitch of the afghan and slip stitch the yarn to connect it. Then again will you will chain 15 as in step 3 and slip stitch the remaining 14 stitches to the beginning.

Crochet Scraf Tassles Tutorial 4
4. Continue steps 2 and 3 until you reach the other corner of the afghan. Before you close off the yarn, finish off by slip stitching one more time into the corner stitch you just made a fringe for. This will secure the last fringe nicely to the afghan. Then cut the yarn with a 10 centimeter length and weave the ends into the afghan to finish it off.




Crochet Afghan Tassles
This is how the crocheted fringe looks like close up.

Crochet Afghan Example
This is a color sample of how the rows look. Because you are only changing out a color every few rows, the color change is gradual.

Crochet Afghan Double Crochet Stitches
It is pretty the way the colors blend in to each other and softly change into other hues.

And if you still have lots of yarn left over, why not make these projects below, too!

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Afghan IdeasIf you cannot get enough of crocheting beautiful afghans, you can find lots more crochet afghan projects on FaveCrafts.

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Thank you Fave Crafts for listing this afghan as one of the The 100 Best Craft Ideas of 2019!

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