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Christmas Craft - Clay Houses Christmas Tree Cookie Ornaments

A silicone baking mold for speculaas or springerle cookies was used for this project. Spekulatius is the German word for these types of cookies and are traditional Christmas cookies in Germany and the original molds for them are made out of wood. For the purpose of using clay, the silicone version is better to prevent any sticking.



Clay Houses Christmas Tree Ornamemts

For this craft you will need:

Spekulatius Cookie Silicone Baking Form
- silicone baking mold for spekulatius cookies (silicone has a great advantage that they clay does not stick to it)
- air-drying modelling material
- a rolling pin out of silicone if possible to prevent the clay from sticking when rolling it out
- a blunt knife from the kitchen

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Clay Christmas Ornaments Tutorial 1
1. First take a piece of the clay and soften it in your hands.

Clay Christmas Ornaments Tutorial 2
2. Then press the clay into the mold. At this point it does not have to be perfect.

Clay Christmas Ornaments Tutorial 3
3. Use the rolling pin to press the clay really into all of the details of the mold and give it a smooth appearance from the back side. Press side to side and from top to bottom.

Clay Christmas Ornaments Tutorial 4
4. Using the rolling pin also presses out and excess clay. You can see the edges of the shape now.

Clay Christmas Ornaments Tutorial 5
5. Use the back edge of the knife (not the cutting edge) to trim the excess clay now away.

Clay Christmas Ornaments Tutorial 6
6. Now the shape looks smooth and perfect.

Clay Christmas Ornaments Tutorial 7
7. Turn the mold over and press the shape through.

Clay Christmas Ornaments Tutorial 8
8. If the edges look rough, you can make them smooth with your fingers. Then use a stylus or round object to poke a hole through the top for hanging.

Clay Christmas Ornaments Tutorial 9
9. Then place your shapes on a radiator or a cookie drying rack where it is warm to dry. Because the shapes are thin, they will usually be dry overnight. But that will solely depend on the temperature and humidity of the room they are drying in.




Spekulatius Cookie Clay Ornaments

Clay House Ornament 1

Clay House Ornament 2

Clay House Ornament 3

White Clay House Christmas Ornaments
These can also be used as tags to decorate Christmas gifts.


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Clay Houses Christmas Tree Ornamemts




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