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Clay Pot Santa Claus

This Santa matches the child’s project for the Christmas Tree out of clay pots. It makes a nice decoration at Christmas time for the table or window, and when wrapped in a clear foil, can be a nice gift for someone as well. It takes some time to dry, but otherwise is a quick and easy project.



Basic Christmas Craft Ideas - Clay Pot Crafts - Clay Pot Santa Claus

For this project you will need:

- 2 clay pots- 1 a bit larger than the other
- a styrofoam ball that fits on the larger pot
- white and red chenille pieces
- red rock paint
- red, white and flesh colored acrylic paints
- white texture snow paste
- red and black dimensional paint
- white pompom
- 2 small wooden beads for hands
- small scrap of gold cardboard
- star paper punch
- longer thin piece of stick or wooden shishkebob skewer
- piece of jute ribbon
- red raffia
- tacky glue
- hot glue gun


1. Base paint the larger pot red, and white at the opening. Paint the smaller pot completely red and paint the styrofoam ball flesh. Let all these pieces completely dry before continuing.
2. Paint the larger pot again with the red rock paint where the red paint is. Once dry paint the white trim with the white snow paint.
3. Paint the smaller pot with red rock paint and let dry.
4. Glue the styrofoam ball onto the larger pot with the hot glue gun. With the snow paste, paint a beard around the Santa’s face and the paint hair on the back of his head and let completely dry.
5. Glue a white piece of chenille around the opening of the smaller pot with the hot glue gun, as seen in the picture. On the top of the pot, glue a pompom with the hot glue gun.
6. Cut a piece of red chenille to be the arms. Dab a bit of tacky glue on the ends and insert the small wooden balls on the ends for hands.
7. Glue the piece of red chenille around the back of the “neck towards the front with the hot glue gun.
8. Punch a star out on the gold cardboard and glue underneath one of the hands with the hot glue gun.
9. Take a piece of the jute ribbon and cut a longer piece. Tie the ends together with the raffia and attach this to the stick to look like a bag. Glue this to the other hand with the hot glue gun (wrap the arm around it a bit) and let the stick lean along the body of the Santa.
10. With the red and black dimensional paint, add eyes and a large red nose and let complety dry.




Craft Recipe for Snow! Make your own snow paste by mixing sand with white paint. Mix until the mixture is thick. Apply it with a small craft spatula and let it dry overnight.

Craft Recipe for Colored Sand or rock paint! Make your own colored sand mixture by mixing sand with colored paint until the mixture is thicker but not too thick. It should still be easy to paint on with a brush. Let it dry overnight.


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Basic Christmas Craft Ideas - Clay Pot Crafts - Clay Pot Santa Claus




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