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Colorful and Easy Christmas Wreath

This wreath is finished in a jiffy and is very light weight. It is good for those with very little space and can be hung on a wall or even used as a table wreath with a candle as a centerpiece.



Colorful Christmas Wreath 1

For this project you will need:

- several long strips of Christmas patterned paper
- round polystyrene (not flat) wreath that is about 15 cm in size
- wet craft glue
- pins to hold paper in place while glue is drying
- brad for the bow (optional)


1. Starting at the back of the wreath, glue and pin the first paper strip. Then wrap the paper around the wreath until the paper runs out. Always try that the end of the paper is on the backside of the wreath. You may have to eventually cut the paper to guarantee that. When wrapping, try to keep the front side of the wreath smooth. You will have to wrap the paper tight. It may try to buckle up at certain points. This is hard to avoid because the outside of the wreath is wider than the inside. When it buckles, try to force any wrinkles caused to the backside of the wreath where it cannot be seen.
2. After the first paper runs out, pin and glue the second strip to the backside, slightly covering the first paper to avoid seeing any white of the wreath.
3. Continue adding new strips until the wreath is covered.
4. You can create a paper bow if you like or leave the wreath as is.




Colorful Christmas Wreath 2
You can also add a bow to a table wreath if you like.

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