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Christmas Paper Craft - Lacy Gold Paper Star Tree Ornament

Create these delicate and lacy stars to give your Christmas tree an elegant look. These stars are easier to craft than they look and one is completed within a half an hour. You can also enlarge the pattern and use heavier cardstock to create window decorations with these stars as well.



Christmas Paper Craft - Christmas Star Window Decoration

For this project you will need:

- gold colored paper
- ruler
- craft knife
- small squares of double sided adhesive tape (less
  messy and fast) or strong craft glue and paper
- gold wire for hanging

Craft Pattern:

Lacy Paper Star Craft Pattern

Paper Star Craft Pattern


1. Print out the pattern to the size you would like and trace 6 times onto gold paper.
2. Cut the inside lines using your craft knife.
3. Starting from the inside out, fold the middle 2 cuts in one direction and curl as it looks in this example:
 Detail for Paper Star 0

.4. Take the next 2 sections and fold them the other way and adhere the 2 points together as seen in this example: .
Detail for Paper Star 1

5. Now fold the next section the other direction and adhere. Continue this pattern until all of the sections have been completed and the piece looks now like in this example.
Detail for Paper Star 2

6. Complete steps 1-3 again for the remaining 5 pieces then glue the points together. This example shows how this step looks. Continue until 6 points are attached. The last point can be a little tricky because it may not want to hold. Use more adhesive and hold with paper clips until dry.
Detail for Paper Star 3

7. Poke a small hole in the top of the completed star and insert a thin wire or string for hanging.



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