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Chenille Snowman

This soft and fuzzy guy will surely warm hearts this winter. Basicly, all you need are chenille sticks, wooden beads and a craft stick. Combined with paint and glue, you can create this project within an hour. Kids can also make this project but a parent or guardian should supervise when the kids are using the hot glue gun.



Chenille Snowman Plant Stick or Bookmarker

For this project you will need:

- jumbo craft stick
- white paint and paint brush
- 3 x 20 inch or 50 cm white chenille stems
- 1 each of black and red chenille stem
- 6 mm orange wooden bead
- 2 x 4 mm black wooden beads
- craft knife
- hot glue gun (for kids, a strong craft glue)


1. Paint the craft stick white on both sides and let it dry.
2. Now you will take the three white chenille stems and braid them together. Cut a 6 inch or 15 cm piece from the braided stem - this will be the head. Curl this piece into a swirl shape and secure the end with a dab of glue.
3. Now curl the longer braided piece in the same manner.
4. Add some glue to the top of the craft stick and adhere the head to the glue. Now glue the bottom snowman piece below the head.
5. Wrap a piece of red chenille around the stick and form a scarf for the snowman.
6. Take a piece of black chenille and bend it back and forth into a hat shape that will fit the head. The bottom of the hat should be a bit wider than the rest of the hat.
7. Place an orange bead on your working space so that the hole is on top. Carefully press the blade of your craft knife over the hole until it divides into two halves. Glue one half to the face of the snowman as a nose.
8. Now divide two black beads in the same manner to create two eyes and two buttons. Glue them onto the snowman.

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