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Crafting for Holidays - Terracotta Tree Ornaments

Have you ever tried pouring your own ornaments? It is really easy and gives you the opportunity to make them just the way you like. These ornaments were made using terracotta colored plaster of Paris powder.



Terracotta Ornaments

For this project you will need:

- Christmas ornaments mold for plaster of Paris or candy mold
- plaster of Paris powder in a terracotta color
- mixing bowl
- rubber gloves
- measuring spoon
- water

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Plaster of Paris Tutorial

1. Follow these Plaster of Paris Instructions to make the ornaments.

2. Smoothen the edges of the ornaments and once completely dry, brush on patina to highlight the ornament details.




Terracotta Ornaments
These have a natural look to them and a touch of patina highlights the details of them.




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