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Christmas Crafts - Paper Crafts - German Star Paper Wreath

Once you have mastered the technique of the German paper star, you can continue making a few more to complete this dimensional paper wreath that will look great just about everywhere.



German Star Wreath in White

For this project you will need:

- 8 finished German paper stars (you will find the link to the tutorial below)
- glue

German Star Wreath
This wreath is made using red paper. You need 8 stars to make such a wreath. Depending on the width of your paper, the size of the wreath will vary. Also the wider the paper, the longer the length you will need for each strip.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

German Star Tutorial

1. Follow this German Star Tutorial to learn how to make the German star. Complete a total of 8 stars.


German Star Wreath Detail 1
On each star are 8 points. There are 4 spaces between points that are smaller and 4 spaces between points that are larger.

German Star Wreath Detail 2
2. Now you will insert 2 points (the distance between the points is smaller) into the slit of 2 points where the distance between the points is a bit further apart. Before you insert the points, add a drop of glue to the smaller set of points.

German Star Wreath Detail 3
3. Continue and keep adding a new star at an angle to the previously added star so that the last 2 sets of points can be insert into each other.




German Star Wreath in White
The wreath looks lovely in white.




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