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Crafting with melting beads, fuse beads Hama Beads or Perler® beads is an excellent way to keep kids happy and busy for hours. Kids like the look and feel of the beads and enjoy making projects with them all year around. The beads help the fine motor skills of the kids, introduce them to many new colors, help the kids learn to count and teach concentration and patience. These days, there are so many colors available and even beads with effects such as glow in the dark.




Melting Beads Apple Basket Pattern
Kids can follow this pattern and create this lovely decoration to celebrate the upcoming fall season.

Maritime Craft for Kids - Melting Beads Seagull Picture
Kids can bring the feeling of summer at the sea home by making this picture to decorate their room.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Create Pictures With Melting Beads or Fuse Beads
Melting bead or fuse bead crafts are a lot of fun for young and old alike. The projects do require some time and patience but it is meditating as well and great for the fine motor skills. When kids create these projects, it is recommended that parents or supervisors iron the figures for them to prevent any injuries.

Craft for Kids - Patriotic Craft Pattern - Melting Beads “America”
A patriotic craft so kids can show their pride.

Summer Craft for Kids - Melting Beads Lighthouse
This is a fun and easy maritime project to keep young hands busy during the summer.

Melting Beads Chick
Isn’t the chick so cute? This is a fun project for kids to make as a decoration for spring. No special shape is needed to make it. The pattern is created for a simple square melting bead peg board.

Melting Beads Easter Bunny
This bunny can be made in any color and is a fun project for little hands to make as a decoration for Easter.

Fuse Bead Lady Bug on a Leaf
What child does not like a lady bug and this craft is not only fun to make but would look cheerful in any child’s room window in the spring and summer.

Christmas Crafts for Kids - Fuse Beads Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree Ornament
Creating figures with fuse beads is lots of fun for the kids and keeps their little hands busy for quite some time. Here a gingerbread man pattern was created for a 30 x 30 peg square board so no extra gingerbread man fuse beads shaped plate is needed.

Melting Beads Hen
Kids can create this proud hen to decorate the windows during spring. When the sun shines, she will brilliantly show off her colors.

Fuse Beads or Perler Beads Fall Maple Leaf
On those chilly windy days, why not let the kids pull out the fuse beads peg board and let them create colorful decorations for the windows.

Fuse Beads Penguin
This project requires only 3 colors and is complete within one hour.

Fuse Beads or Perler Beads Toadstool Mushroom
Toadstool mushrooms are easily seen on the autumn forest ground because of their unique appearance.

Perler Beads Watermelon Pattern
Watermelon are great and delicious summer motifs for the window. Compliments the other fuse bead fruit patterns such as apple, strawberry, orange and pear.

Fuse Bead Duck
Go outside and find an interesting branch that can be placed into a vase afterwards. Let the kids create fuse bead projects such as this duck to decorate the branch.




Fuse Bead Angel
This angel is an example of what the kids can create as a tree ornament for Christmas.

Fuse Beads Pear Pattern
Kids love the taste of pears and this pattern. Compliments the other fruit patterns fuse bead such as the apple, watermelon, strawberry, and orange.

Christmas Craft for Kids - Melting Beads Santa Claus Ornament
Melting bead crafts keep the kids busy and entertained for a while and at the same time, give them a feeling of satisfaction when the project is finished. This idea lets them create an ornament to decorate the Christmas tree.

Christmas Craft for Kids - Fuse Beads or Melting Beads Stocking Ornament
This project lets kids make melting bead stockings to use as ornaments for the Christmas tree, as a card decoration or as an embellishment for a Christmas gift. This is a fun activity and the stockings can be created in other colors as well.

Fuse Beads or Perler Beads Valentine’s Heart
Kids can make hearts to decorate their windows or to give to their special “Valentine” in the school.




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