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Mini-Paper Wreath Ornament

This small wreath is decorative as a Christmas tree decoration and is made within 30 minutes. This project is easy enough for school aged children to create. Buttons or beads can embellish the wreath but if you do not have those items then simply cut out round red circles to place on the wreath.



Christmas Paper Craft - Paper Wreath Ornament

For this project you will need:

- green card stock
- white gel pen
- scissors
- glue
- flat red buttons
Holly Leaf Tutorial 7

- red and white baker’s twine
Holly Leaf Tutorial 3

Craft Pattern:

Holly Leaf

Holly Leaf and Wreath Pattern

Print out so that the diameter of the wreath shape measures approximately 11.5 cm.


Holly Leaf Tutorial 1
1. Print out the templates for the leaf and wreath shapes. Glue the printed pattern page then onto a cereal box side and cut otu the shapes. Then trace the leaf shape 6 times on green card stock and the wreath shape once and cut all the pieces out. The image below shows the cut out leaves.

Holly Leaf Tutorial 2
2. Use the gel pen to draw the leaf details onto the holly leaf pieces.

Holly Leaf Tutorial 4
3. Cover the wreath shape with glue. Cut a 20+ cm piece of baker’s twine and press the two ends onto the wet glue.

Holly Leaf Tutorial 5
4. Then arrange the leaves onto the wreath while sandwiching the twine ends between the leaf and wreath layer.

Holly Leaf Tutorial 6
5. Glue on the buttons like you see in the picture. Let the glue dry. To finish off, you can create a bow to decorate the wreath if you like.

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Christmas Paper Craft - Paper Wreath Ornament



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