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Woven Corrugated Cardboard Easter Basket

For Easter, you can create this easy basket within an hour just using corrugated cardboard and a couple of die cut embellishments. This basket is pink, but the it can be made in any color you like.



Paper Craft - Woven Easter Basket

For this project you will need:

- eight 4 cm x 35 cm strips of corrugated cardboard in color of choice
- two 4 cm x 70 cm strips of corrugated cardboard in same color
- hot glue gun
- flower die cuts (here: Sizzix Originals Flower Layers 2)
- white satin ribbon


1. Cut your strips according to the sizes listed above. You will be weaving 3 x 4 rows. Make sure that the strips are centered over each other so that the opposite side walls are equivelent in length. (see picture below) Use hot glue to secure the strips and keep them from shifting.
2. Fold the side walls up.
3. Weave the first of the 2 long strips along the 4 sides. Use hot glue to secure the strip as you go along. When the two ends meet and if the length is too long, cut off excess length and make sure the two ends are behind one of the vertical strips.
4. Weave now the second long strip over the first so that the weaving is opposite of the previous row.
5. For the handle, glue the ends of the remaining short strip to the inside of the basket.
6. Die cut flowers to decorate the basket.
7. Make a ribbon bow and hot glue it to the basket.

Paper Craft - Woven Easter Basket 2
The bottom of the basket




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Paper Craft - Woven Easter Basket





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