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Wooden Flowers

These easy to craft wooden flowers look very decorative in the window sill or on a small shelf. Because they are not wide, they are perfect for those with minimal decorating space. For best results, create 2 or more as a matching set. The choice of colors is up to you.



Summer Wood Craft Idea - Wooden Flowers Decoration

For this project you will need:

- patterns below
- 1 cm plywood for the flowers
- 1.8 cm plywood for the base
- 2 x 4mm wide wooden sticks each 2 different lengths
- 2 halves of 3 cm wooden balls
- 2 halves of 2 cm wooden balls
- pencil
- tracing paper
- saw
- acrylic paint in red, brown, and orange
- natural raffia
- 8 x 6mm orange wooden beads
- hot glue gun
- drill with 4mm bit
- wood glue

Tip: Mix a bit of brown paint into the red to make it more subtle and less bright.

Craft Patterns:

Flowers and Bases 100

Flowers and Bases Templates






1. Print out the patterns to the desired size. One flower and one base is larger than the other. Trace patterns onto the wood.
2. Saw out all of the required pieces and sand them smooth.
3. Paint pieces accordingly. The large flower, smaller wooden ball halves and small base are red and the small flower and larger wooden balls and large base are orange. Let all of the pieces dry thoroughly.
4. When the pieces have been painted on both sides, dry brush brown on the red edges and dry brush red on the orange edges to get an aged look.
5. Drill small holes on the center of both bases and in the bottom of each of the flowers. Insert the wooden sticks. Use wood glue if necessary to secure the sticks.
6. Glue the centers on the flowers on all sides.
7. Tie raffia to the sticks and make a bow. Glue hot glue just above the bow and push the bow onto the glue to secure it.
8. On each raffia bow, knot 4 orange wooden beads.

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Summer Wood Craft Idea - Wooden Flowers Decoration



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