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Summer Wood Craft - Scroll Saw Project - Bird on a Perch


Do you have lots of small leftover pieces of wood from your cutting? Before you throw the pieces out, you can create small wooden decorations for your home. This is a quick to make project that will surely find a space to fill on a shelf or a window sill.



Summer Wood Craft Idea - Wooden Bird on a Perch

For this project you will need:

- left over pieces of wood 8-10 mm thick for the bird
- left over pieces of 4 mm plywood for the wing
- 2 wooden disks 30 mm and 40 mm and each 1 mm thick
- 4mm wooden dowel- 8 cm long
- drill with 4 mm bit
- acrylic paint in orange, red, yellow, light brown and dark brown
- natural raffia in dark orange
- wood glue

Craft Pattern:

Bird and Flower

Bird Template (Use the bird and wing on this pattern)



1. Print out the pattern to a desired size and transfer the bird pattern on the thicker piece of wood. The wing pattern gets transferred on the 4 mm plywood.
2. Paint the bird and wing each orange and let the colors dry.
3. Dry brush the edges of the bird and wing first with red and then with brown.
4. Paint the beak yellow. Once dry, drybrush the beak with orange.
5. Dot the eye with brown color.
6. Paint the 2 disks and the stick each light brown. Once dry, dry brush the edges with dark brown.
7. Drill a hole in the center of both disks.
8. Drill a hole in the bottom of the bird towards the back.
9. Place the smaller of the disks onto the wooden dowel and let a part of the dowel stick out. Attach all of the pieces together to make sure that the bird stands up straight. When it is ok, apply glue to this end and glue into the hole of the bird. When not, you may have to drill another hole to adjust.
10. Now glue the other end of the dowel into the larger disk. Press through until the dowel reaches the bottom of the disk without coming out.

Wood Craft Tutorials:

Transferring Patterns Onto Wood Tutorial

How to Transfer Patterns Onto Wood Tutorial


Scroll Saw Tutorial

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Drybrushing Tutorial



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