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Wooden Flower Chain or Garland

This cheerful flower chain will pep up your windows or glass patio door in the summer! The orange and yellow colors have a friendly summer look to them and the flowers themselves are quickly cut out and painted. If you have kids, you can cut out the pieces in advance and let them paint the flowers for you as an afternoon activity.



Summer Wood Craft Idea - Wooden Flower Garland

For this project you will need:

- 4mm plywood
- acrylic paints in orange, yellow and light brown
- sandpaper
- saw
- thin wire
- drill with 1.5 mm bit

Craft Pattern:

Bird and Flower

Bird Template (Use the flower and the round center)






1. Print your pattern out so that the flowers are the desired size. These flowers measure the width of the copy paper. Make your template and trace 3 flowers and 6 centers onto your plywood.
2. Saw all 9 pieces out and paint 2 of the flowers orange on all sides and 1 flower yellow.
3. Paint 4 center pieces yellow on all sides and 2 center pieces orange and let all of the pieces thoroughly dry before continuing.
4. Dry brush all of the orange edges with light brown and drybrush all of the yellow edges with orange.
5. Drill 2 holes in the top and bottom of each the top and center flower and one hole in the top of the bottom flower.
6. Insert thin wire pieces to connect the flowers to each other and to hang the chain.

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Summer Wood Craft Idea - Wooden Flower Garland



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