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Christmas Wood Craft - Wooden JOY Decoration

This decoration does not need a lot of depth and is therefore great for a shelf or mantel.



Christmas Wood Craft - JOY Decoration

For this project you will need:

- 18 mm thick wood for the letters and 12 mm thick wood for the base
- white paint and paint brush
- red and white Christmas gift wrap paper
- decoupage glue of your choice
- paint brushes
- pencil
- Christmas wrapping paper of your choice
- drill and wood screws to assemble the letters to the base when finished
- a countersink

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Christmas Wood Craft Tutorial - Joy 1
1. Choose a font of your choice and print out the letters at the height you wish them to be. Here the “Victorian” font was used from the Windows fonts. The letters here are each 18 centimeters high. Transfer the letter shapes to the wood and saw them out and sand them down so they will be smooth. Cut a wood base that will be a bit wider than your letters when they are put together as a word.

Christmas Wood Craft Tutorial - Joy 2
2. Then turn each letter over so that the front side is facing down and trace around the shape on the backside of the paper you chose to use.

Christmas Wood Craft Tutorial - Joy 3
3. This is how it looks afterwards. Then cut it out and set it aside. Repeat for the remaining letters.

Christmas Wood Craft Tutorial - Joy 4
4. Paint the sides of each wooden letter white and then let the paint dry. Also paint the base piece on all sides.

Christmas Wood Craft Tutorial - Joy 5
5. Then brush on an even medium coat of the decoupage glue onto the letter. Place the cut out letter exactly on top of the wooden letter and then use a brayer to smoothen out any bubbles or wrinkles. Repeat with the brayer a couple of more times while the glue is drying and set aside to dry.

Christmas Wood Craft Tutorial - Joy 6
6. This step is optional. You can dry brush on white paint on the letters with red paper to give them a wintery look if you like.

Seal each letter with another coat of glue if you like.

7. The final step is to drill a hole in the bottom center of each letter. Place the letters as a word centered on the base and mark the positions on the base piece with a pencil. Then drill all three holes through the base as well as one hole in the bottom of each letter. Use a countersink on the bottom of the base holes so the screw will not scratch the surface the decoration is placed on. Then screw the screws into the base and letters to finish the project.

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Wood Craft for Christmas - JOY Shelf or Mantel Decoration

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