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Fabric Stars Christmas Tree Garland

This is a Christmas decoration with more of a natural look. Fabric stars and wooden beads are all you need to make this garland. Choose fabrics and beads to match your tree and home decor. Depending on its length, you can use it to decorate the tree in country style or even make a shorter version to hang in your windows at Christmas!



Stars Fabric Garland for Christmas Tree 3

For this project you will need:

- Christmas patchwork fabric of choice
- wooden beads to match the fabric this case, the beads are red and natural wood color
- fiberfill
- sewing machine with matching thread
- scissors

Craft Pattern:


Stars Template






1. Print out the stars to the size you would like to have. Remember to consider a 0.7 mm seam allowance when choosing the size of star.
2. Lay and pin 2 pieces of fabric with the right sides facing each other. Transfer the pattern onto the fabric and cut the stars out keeping each star pinned together..
3. Sew the first 2 star pieces together leaving an opening for turning.
4. Trim away excess material from around the sewn line. Trim the points of the star away and also clip into the curves so that the material will lay flatter when turned.
5. Turn the star carefully inside out so that the right sides are outside. Try to get the point of the star as pointed as possible. If possible, use a crochet hook or the stick end of a paint brush or something similar to push out the points.
6. Stuff the star as softly or firmly as you would like it to be.
7. When stuffed hand sew the open edge together.
8. Make as many stars as you like following the same procedures as above. When you have the amount you require, connect the first star to the second star. Between the stars, bead 3 wooden beads onto the thread. Go through the first and last bead again with the thread so that the beads will stay in place.
9. Now connect the second star to the third and continue the pattern until all of the stars are used.




Stars Fabric Garland for Christmas Tree
The sewing of the stars and the assembly of the garland is easy.


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