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Apples in a Basket Silk Hoop Window Decoration

This picture of an apple harvest is a pretty and colorful example of a decoration you can make for your window in the late summer and early fall months by painting on silk. Painting on silk is really fun and not as difficult as some may think it is. The only thing you really have to watch for is that the areas you are painting stay wet until you are finished adding color to them. That means you have to work fast within each area once you have started adding paint. Otherwise, you may have hard borders that are unsightly. As long as the paint is wet, the colors will flow within each other, creating a beautiful effect. The example of the apples below show how the red and yellow paint have a soft transition where the two colors meet.



Silk Hoop Window Decoration - Apples in a Basket

For this project you will need:

- round silk hoop, size of choice
- black silk outliner paint
- silk paints (that can be heat set with an iron) in the colors of brown, black, red, yellow, green and blue
- silk paint brushes
- glass with water for cleaning brushes
- paper towel
- string for hanging

Craft Pattern:

Apples in a Basket Pattern

Apples in a Basket Pattern






1. Print out the pattern so that it will fit within the hoop. Either use a pencil to trace the pattern onto the silk or right away follow the pattern with the outliner and trace the lines on to the silk. Make sure the lines are all connecting, otherwise paint from other areas may flow in an area where you do not prefer it to be.
2. Let the outliner paint dry - this takes about 30 minutes in a normal room.

Applying Gutta to the Silk Hoop

Now comes the fun part.

3. Start by painting the apples. Do one apple at a time. Have two silk paint brushes ready and add red paint to the left side of an apple and yellow paint on the right side of the apple. Depending on how much paint you use will determine how the colors flow within each other. As long as the paint is still wet you can add more color. Make sure the colors fill the entire apple before they dry.
4. Continue with the apples and then do the leaves in the same manner using green and yellow paint.
5. Now do the basket. Here you need brown and black paint.
6. Finally fill the background with blue color. Add the paint fast so that the entire area is filled before the paint starts to dry.
7. Add a string to the top of the hoop for hanging.





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