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Scarecrow Table Decoration

This scarecrow may not be doing a good job at frightening off any birds but makes a cute centerpiece for the table during the fall months.



Scarecrow Table Decoration

For this project you will need:

- wooden turning in the shape of a cone with a head
- green and rust colored felt
- straw hat to fit the head
- straw
- assorted fall leaves and pumpkins
- jute ribbon scraps in fall colors
- hot glue gun
- red and black acrylic paint
- thin marker (for drawing mouth)
- craft glue
- scissors
- pencil
- round coaster

Wooden Body
This is how the body looked like before decorating.


Scarecrow Body
1. Cut a circle of felt that will be large enough and long enough to cover the scarecrow body. Then divide the circle in half and cut. Make a V slit in the straight center of the half-circle and glue around the scarecrow body.

Scarecrow Face
2. Take a pencil and draw the eyes, nose and mouth onto the face. You can paint the face now or later.

Scarecrow Straw Hair
3. Create scarecrow hair by taking a few strands and tying off at the center. Pull the straw around to create a sort of circle and then glue this onto the head. Glue the hat onto the hair. If straw is too long, you can cut away any excess length.

Scarecrow Arms
4. Take a few pieces of straw and then wrap a piece of felt around them to create arms. Glue this piece closed and then to the back of the body using hot glue.
5. To finish off, cut a piece of jute to make a scarf to tie around the neck. Then cut jute patches and glue onto the body. Paint the face if that has not been done already. Take the round coaster and place it on top of rust colored felt. Trace and cut out. Glue the felt round onto the coaster. Glue then the scarecrow and the pumpkins onto the coaster and decorate with a couple of fall leaves.





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