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Melting Beads Santa Claus Ornament

Melting bead crafts keep the kids busy and entertained for a while and at the same time, give them a feeling of satisfaction when the project is finished. This idea lets them create an ornament to decorate the Christmas tree.



Melting Beads Santa Claus Ornament

For this project you will need:

- melting beads peg board, 30 x 30 pegs in size
- red, white, beige and black melting beads from your choice of brand (Hama, Perler, etc...)
- baking paper
- iron*

Ages 7 and older

* It is highly recommended that parents or supervisors iron the beads for the kids to prevent injuries or burns.

Craft Pattern:

Perler Beads Santa Claus

Fuse Beads Santa Claus Pattern





Instructions: Follow the pattern in the link above to create this ornament.



Melting Beads or Fuse Beads Tutorial

Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Create Pictures With Melting Beads or Fuse Beads

When hanging the ornament, it is recommended to pull the string through both the top beads so that the weight of the ornament is not only hanging from the top bead.




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