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Sailor Boy with the Catch of the Day

This cute little guy has been busy catching fish for his dinner. If you decorate in a maritime theme, he may be just the perfect new addition. This wood project is easy but recommended for those with some wood cutting experience. The total time needed to create it was around 3 hours.



Summer Wood Craft Idea - Wooden Sailor Boy Craft

For this project you will need:

- 4 and 10 mm plywood
- piece of thick 18 mm pine wood for the shoes
- acrylic paint in white, blue, rust red, black, brown, silver and flesh
- wooden shiskabob skewer
- wire
- red ribbon
- 8 mm wooden half ball
- 1 white sequin
- fine permanent marker
- wood glue
- 2 wood screws size 35 mm round x 3,5 cm long
- basic woodworking supplies

Craft Pattern

Sailor Boy Pattern

Sailor Boy Template






1. Print out the pattern and transfer the shoes on the 18 mm thick pine wood, the body and the fish pail to the 10 mm plywood and 3x the fish and 2x the hands to the 4mm plywood. Saw all of the pieces out and sand down the edges.
2. Base paint the shirt section of the body and the hat in white, the pants section and the hat rim in blue and the face and half round bead in flesh. Let these sections dry thoroughly.
3. Paint the hands in flesh and the shirt sleeve in blue. Paint the fish in rust and the pail in silver. Also let these parts dry.
4. Dry brush these colors on the following colors: white on blue, black on red, brown and silver, brown on flesh and white.
5. Draw the mouth on the figure using the permanent marker. Paint white on the eyes and when dry, paint black pupils. Dry brush red on the cheeks. Glue the nose on the face.
6. Assemble the body onto the shoes by drilling 2 holes in the bottom of the figure and 2 corresponding holes in the base. Sink the holes at the bottom of the base. Screw the screws through the holes of the base and figure. Drill 2 small holes in the mouth areas of 2 fish.
7. Glue one arm to the pail as if he is holding it. Glue a fish also on the pail.
8. Glue the stick to the other arm as seen in the picture. Twist wire on the other end of the stick and use the other end of the wire to hang 2 fish.
9. Glue now the 2 arm sections onto the body.
10. Glue a ribbon around the neck and glue a sequin to the hat as seen in in the picture.

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Summer Wood Craft Idea - Wooden Sailor Boy Craft



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