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Can Flower Pot

With just a recycled can out of your kitchen and some natural straws, you can easily create this decorative flower pot for your home within an hour. The straws give the can a very natural look.



Recycling Craft - Tin Can Decorated with Natural Straws - Flower Pot

For this project you will need:

- a clean can
- natural straws
- very strong double sided adhesive or a hot glue gun
- scissors


1. Measure the height of your can and cut a numerous amount of straws at this length.
2. Cover the can completely with double sided adhesive or you can use hot glue instead. When using hot glue, you only need a thin layer of glue so that the surface will stay as flat as possible.
3. Press the straws close to each other on the can until the outsite of the can is covered.





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Can Flower Pot

Recylcling Craft - Tin Can Decorated with Natural Straws - Flower Pot



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